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Lifestyle Training

The Anti-Gym Training Program

10381980_10152769901211421_3005672608187554448_nA Training Program For You!
Lifestyle Fitness Training delives a fitness program to your everyday living and enjoyment. We create a fitness atmospherr outside of traditional gyms; because let’s face it, nobody wants to spend their most valuable time around a bunch of showoffs! We create fun and effective fitness events to engage your interest and core muscular system.

  • Under Water Core Training
  • Beach Body Camps
  • Core Cycling Excursions
  • Fantasy Flexibility Training

We deliver our services to boutique hotels along Miami Beach as well as the backyards of our personal clients.

A Balanced Workout

Your exercise routine isn’t supposed to be boring! Have fun in a fun atmosphere while attaining the physical results you’ve always wanted.

Lifestyle Training

Contact us today to inquire about our distinctive resistance and balance training programs.