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How to get a Flat Stomach

This week’s Fitness Secret: How to get a Flat Stomach!! Drink at Least 8 Glasses of Lemon Juice Water. Eat 5 – 6 small meals a day instead of 3 big meals. Do 100 reps of various ab exercises per day. Do 30 minutes of cardio 5 times a week. Do 30 minutes of plyometric 5 times a week. (jumping jacks, squat jumps, push-ups etc) Eat more fruit and vegetables.

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Lifestyle is Beach!

Our clients are taught in Proprioceptive Enriched Environments requiring more neuromuscular activity. This elicits a connection between the Mind & Body to achieve and pass new plateaus each time one experiences a “Moment” in in the NfitLife.  We are a Fitness Lifestyle Group – We stress principles that will Enhance the Life You’re Living while Extending the Life You were meant to Live…. #rYouNfit?


It’s a Hard Life!

Nfit Life is a fitness lifestyle company based in Miami Beach, Florida, that offers you a variety of health-improving & Fitness Enhancing programs designed for the enhanced lifestyle of the client. Our corrective exercise programs are designed to enhance proper posture, correct muscle alignment, reduce body fat %, and increase lean muscle mass. We create fitness atmospheres outide of traditional studios because that’s not where you spend most of your

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On The Beach with NFIT LIFE

My working life takes me to many places, but one place I like to spend as little as time as possible is inside the gymnasium, yes it has to be a part of your routine, but getting outside breathing the fresh sea air and working your butt of is so much more rewarding!

My Life in Pictures

Lifestyle Fitness Training delives a fitness program to your everyday living and enjoyment. We create a fitness atmosphere outside of traditional gyms; because let’s face it, nobody wants to spend their most valuable time around a bunch of showoffs!